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From the brim of my cup…..

  Technology is great for sharing parts of our lives, keeping in touch with people,voicing our opinions,friendly debates,celebrating mile stones,holidays,birthdays,what ever it may be, and that’s great. On the flip side to that coin, I absolutely hate it.I despise it. … Continue reading

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“That”time of the month….again.

P.M.S. = Psychotic Mood Shift P.M.S. = Potential Murder Suspect P.M.S. = Purchase More Shoes P.M.S. = Punish Men Severly Shark Week Surfing the crimson wave (will never go out of style) Having your garage painted Joining the cast of … Continue reading

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Toddlers,Twister and Dog Turds….

  I swear to all of you, I cannot make this stuff up. This was my Cardio,Zumba,Weights,Core,and Meditations all in one today. I am just done. No more adulting for me…… Ever play Twister with a toddler and dog turds?? … Continue reading

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