From the brim of my cup…..



Technology is great for sharing parts of our lives, keeping in touch with people,voicing our opinions,friendly debates,celebrating mile stones,holidays,birthdays,what ever it may be, and that’s great.

On the flip side to that coin,
I absolutely hate it.I despise it. I loathe it.

The internet,social media of any kind,has destroyed this up and coming generation of kids.
It has made them dumb.
It has made them naive.
It has made them disrespectful and lazy.

Lost are the days of intimate conversation.
Gone are the times of family gatherings.
Forward thinkers will soon be a thing of the past.
Women scream that they are objectified,yet we do it all day long with pictures that aren’t exactly “kid friendly”.

Kids think they rule the roost, can speak or treat people anyway they want because they saw it on “Facebook”.

Kids take pride in glorifying a filmed fight at a lunch time, rather than having lunch with a friend.
Chores and family time takes a backseat.
The miscommunication of emotions makes me want to puke!!
Girls and guys are “Catfishing” each other,but are only catching STD’s.
Being pregnant is the “coolest” thing on a social media platform.
Bullying has gone to a whole other level.
Cheating has become the “norm”.
And if you think “real” life peer pressure is bad.
Your an idiot.
It’s outrageous on social media.
To be so desperate to want and/or the need of young men and woman on here to be accepted,or liked,or to have something go viral or a emoji thrown their way is ridiculous.
Girls are bearing EVERYTHING. To everyone,not just to guys, to the world.
Guys are going after prizes they will never catch, it’s an addiction.
The more outlandish it is, the more “likes” it receives.
More breasts,thighs,penises,more dares,challenges,and step ups. It’s sickening.

And the harder we try to keep them from it, the more alluring it becomes.

Like a nickel hit to a crack head, it keeps them coming back. Again and again.
Kids are scaring their bodies.
Teens are more suicidal then ever.
Babies having babies and flaunting it.

It’s on the computer, the cell phone,the tablets, on the radio, now even your watch and glasses are “World Wide Webbed”.The damn schools use it.You can’t get away from it.

Kids soccer games are seen through a cell phone lens more than through your own eyes.
Memories are made by filters and Photoshop.

And people who’s lives that aren’t directly affected by something that has happened to a child,teen,or human being or animal on this planet,all say the same thing.
“It’s the parents fault”

Maybe it is,Maybe it isn’t.
Maybe kids today are just high-tech assholes.
Maybe the Tech-Sitter’s of today has caused parents to slack on their job of child-rearing.
All of that could be proven or disputed.
I do not care.
I just know that some of the shit people are dealing with today either,

A: never existed before….see cinnamon challenge.

B: Was delt with on the playground…Look up good old fashioned ass-whooping.

C: You got creative,wrote a letter,made a personal phone call,DROVE to a destination. Rode a bike to a friends house, Hell a 3-way call would have sufficed.

Girls and Boys are lured,baited,bribed with all kinds of shit for “Just one more pic”

All I know is that I love to hate it, and hate loving it so much. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t all bad. It’s just not all that great either. It’s both helpful and useless at the same time.

My heart aches for families or people who have been affected by some ridiculous,hateful,hurtful,heinous,heart breaking,tear jerking issue’s that you’ve been involved in. Whether voluntary or involuntarily.

I wish in some small ways a mailed letter meant more than just a “K” in a text message anymore.

I guess as a parent, that’s my fault to…..

A view from the brim of my cup…

The Bitter Brew of a Java Mama

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