No Lives Matter

Black lives don’t matter.Blue lives don’t matter.White lives don’t matter. There isn’t a single race on this planet that matter anymore.

No one’s life matters anymore. No one’s.

All these slogans,hashtags,Facebook posts,Instagram posts are all for public Fame.For notoriety. We can all chant them. But they mean absolutely nothing. Wearing “BlackLivesMatter”on a T shirt is no different than wearing a rebel flag as your bikini. It’s not any different than the Yankee’s ball cap on your head. You wasted 20.00 for something that will end up in a donation box to the Goodwill after the “fad” is replaced with something else.

The thought of wearing a shirt that says “AllLivesMatter” is just dumbfounding.

When did we,the human race need to wear a shirt stating what we’ve been taught for hundreds of years? When did we,the human race stop caring for one another? That is the real question.

When did it matter if my neighbor has a gun in his house or on his person as long as he is a law abiding citizen? When did it become a concern that teenage boys hung a Confederate Flag on their bedroom wall? Why is being heterosexual more important than being gay or lesbian? When did lying become the “Norm” and honesty become a abomination? None of this should matter. But yet, it does.

Because someone is always getting richer and someone else is always dying for a cause.

How about this,

How about the homeless,neglected,abandoned,abused, hungry children roaming the streets in your community,that you ignore on a daily basis- they matter.

The homeless vet that fought for his country only to be forgotten upon his return- they matter.

The drug addict who has slipped through the cracks and lays dying in a alley- they matter.


Every single beating heartbeat on this planet matters. The human race matters. Why is this so hard as a concept to grasp??




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