Awareness Issues

This irks me….and this is why people will want to chop my head off. In speaking with my best friend this morning we were on the topic of awareness. “Awareness for ______ and Awareness for _________ fill in the blanks with whatever you choose.

And she got me to thinking..So I started doing some digging and reading..
Do you KNOW that EACH ribbon of awareness has 3 or MORE “awareness issues” attached to them?
Do you KNOW that just BLUE alone has close to 23 “awareness issues” attached to it??

April Awareness

Animal Abuse – Purple Ribbon
Asperger Syndrome – Puzzle Ribbon
Autism – Puzzle Ribbon
Cesarean Section – Burgundy Ribbon
Child Abuse Prevention/Awareness – Dark Blue Ribbon
Cushing Syndrome – Light Blue Ribbon
Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) – Red Ribbon
Driving Under The Influence – Red Ribbon
Environment – Green Ribbon
Head and Neck Cancer – Red and White Ribbon
Human Papilloma Virus – Light Green Ribbon
Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Periwinkle Ribbon
Living Organ Donation –Green Ribbon
Mother’s Against Drunken Drivers (MADD) – Red Ribbon
Oral Cancer – Red and White Ribbon
Oral Human Papillona Virus (HPV) – Light Green Ribbon
Organ Donation – Green Ribbon
Organ Transplant – Green Ribbon
Parkinson’s Disease – Silver Ribbon
Post traumatic Stress Disorder – Teal Ribbon
Rape – Teal Ribbon
Sarcoidosis – Purple Ribbon
Sexual Assault – Teal Ribbon or Purple & Teal Ribbon
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) – Light Green Ribbon
Sjogren’s Syndrome – Purple Ribbon
Substance Abuse – Red Ribbon and Teal Ribbon
Testicular Cancer – Purple Ribbon
Tissue Donation – Green Ribbon

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Here is my problem……

The ribbons have lost their zest. Their appeal is nothing more than blight. It just a ribbon. Nothing more,nothing less.
Unless you,a family member,close friend,your child or spouse has been directly affected by a disease,cancer,syndrome,mental or physical impairment. You truly do not know the real meaning behind this ribbons.

Instead of labeling a month with a specific awareness issue and attaching a specific color to it,think about this for just one minute….

Shouldn’t every day be awareness day?

Shouldn’t we just care every day of our lives about important issues instead of who is upgrading their phones to Galaxy Mega Plus 188K??
When did we only care 11 out of 12 months?
What are we doing for the other 11?? Just carrying on until a color peeks our interest? A diagnosis stuns the family? A suicide of someone from bullying or the death/overdose by someone using drugs hits to close to home?
When did only 30 days only seem to make an illness or disability or a trauma visible??

All lives matter every day.
All lives matter.

Black lives don’t get to matter only when someone is shot and killed.
Police lives don’t get to matter only when one is gunned down in the line of duty.
Autistic children don’t get to matter only because it is April.
Abused children don’t get to matter because the family,friend,parent,babysitter,neighbor,stranger,system or state has failed them and has caused their death,disability or injury just because it is April.

The memory of a loved one who died from a cancer does not get to exist because a Month has a color and label attached to it.

Every Life Matters in Every Way Every Single Day.

But the outcry is “But it brings awareness!”
To who? Maybe the only people who don’t know about a colored ribbon and it’s awareness might be a Tibetan Monk in the mountains of China or a Amazonian Tribe that lives in the deepest darkest part of the Rain Forrest.
Trust me, little Bobby down the street and the crazy cat lady on the corner and even the homeless drug addict shooting dope behind 7-11 knows that ribbons and colors have meanings.

Why not instead make everyday of the week matter.
Monday – Men’s Health (all issues)

Tuesday – Toddler and Teens (all issues)

Wednesday – Women’s Health (all issues)

Thursday –  The Lost Souls (Addicts,Mental Health,Suicide,Vets with PTSD,Domestic Violence,Abuse victims)

Friday-Freedom from Fear of being made fun of,being called names,having racial slurs thrown at you,for being verbally beat up because of your religion,race,sexuality,for decisions regarding your body,being fat shamed,
Just to be free to be who you are.

Saturday – Stand up for kindness,Goodness,for the human race. Be kind to one another,open a door for a stranger,pay a cup of coffee forward,forgive someone,get the kitty from the tree,help the elderly cross the road.Donate food,clothing,your TIME. Be what is right with this world, Not what already is wrong with it.

Sunday-Speak up about abuse,about addiction,about autism,about domestic violence,about P.T.S.D.,about homeless veterans,about criminal activity in your neighborhood,in your town,in your family.About everything that harms,hurts or takes a life.

Not about YOUR personal,religious,political,racial,sexual,beliefs.

Someone being Catholic does not harm me.Someone being an Atheist does not harm me.

Whether you’re a republican or a democrat,a tea-party member or whatever you are politically does not harm me.

My point is, What people say does not matter. It’s what people do that counts.

Whether you choose to believe it or not, it is your problem.

How will you feel one day when it’s your child,spouse,Mom or Dad or even yourself?.
Won’t you want people to care then?
So why not care now?
Every disease,syndrome,mental or physical impairment should be made aware of everyday. Not just by a ribbon,not just by a color.
I am sure this will piss a lot of people off, Hell, I might lose some friends either here or in real life. I understand that. But, if your only concerned about something for 30 days because there is a cheery color and pretty ribbon attached to it,I think I see the issues a lot more clearly than you do.



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One Response to Awareness Issues

  1. Lizzi says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. YES! I find it so frustrating too!


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